Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not all the same...

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine about our daughters and where they are in their development. She is on her first little and I'm on my 4th. 

We started to discuss the different milestones and whether or not the girls had hit them yet. 

My little lady liberty-joy is almost two months younger but 2xs the size of her little lady! When she asked me what our feeding routine was I began to explain. The more I explained the more puzzled her look became.

Quickly I realized she had unfortunately succumbed to the "experts" and their pressures they place on all of us mommas. I too fell prey to it and suffered many tearful moments of frustration. I can recall when we decided to go organic and my first trip to the store resulted in frustration, disappoint and the feelings of utter failure. Not to mention we didn't leave with a whole lot of food!

Most people do have an internal desire to become knowledgeable and it makes sense for a mom, especially a new mom, to search out what the best is for her new little one. I did the same thing.

I have come to learn from my own children and the "moms of many" I've met who have told stories of different motherhood experiences and how at the end of the conversation you realize no two babies, children, teenagers or even adults are alike. Thank God! 

How dull would life be if that were the case?

I was able to encourage my friend and let her know she's not going to be able to mimic everything the "experts" say because honestly, her little one will just be different and that's okay!

It is so easy to get caught up in the hoop-la of media motherhood, but I would encourage you to be honest and real with yourself and allow for things to happen and flow differently in your parenting. There might be some things which you will be able to imitate but at the end of the day keep in mind they're not all the same!

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