Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When 'Type A' meets 'I just can't!'

When I saw this cartoon I literally LOL! 


Because before I became a mom
I was the person in the first illustration. Nothing ever stopped me from accomplishing my goals. When I needed to get a car, I took on a third job so I could afford the down payment, the note and the insurance. I got things done!

I would have always categorized myself as typical "Type A" personality.


It went from goal setting to, "If I can manage to get all of the children to somehow nap about the same time I can bring baby #3 into the bathroom with me so I can manage to get in a shower this week!"

Have you ever had those days...weeks...months...Okay, Okay...YEARS!?!

It has been a REAL challenge for me over the last seven years to realize this. This being the fact that just because I write it down on a "to-do" list or just because I have it set as a goal DOES NOT mean it's going to happen!


Because life some times...okay most times...is simply unpredictable.

When my husband and I went to the local movie kiosk to check out a flick for the night I wasn't expecting it to all turn sour when he placed his wallet on the top and left it there to be taken by someone else. I didn't have that one written down at all in my goals for that day.

Nevertheless, it did happen and we dealt with it despite how unplanned it was.

What I hope to encourage you with today is the fact...YES! goals are a good thing to have. But don't be hard on yourself when not even one of them gets checked off. It's not realistic and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

God never gives more than we can handle but He will stretch us to where we feel we might break. So the next time you sit down to write out your list for the week, keep in mind you might not get all of it done or even half of it done for that matter. Just keep moving forward and focus on the moments in your life which are most important.

Let God take care of the rest!

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